A Look Ahead at Bersin Research—Podcast






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In our first podcast, David Mallon, Stacia Sherman Garr, Dani Johnson and Robin Erickson discuss the commonalities and major themes to come in Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP research throughout the year.


3 thoughts on “A Look Ahead at Bersin Research—Podcast

  1. Just listened and felt the content was good. Fifteen minutes would have been ideal but I found it all worth while. I like the vision around human centered HR. From the marketing side we see a movement to employee powered marketing. The convergence of internal talent and resources between HR and marketing for employment branding is something I would love to hear your perspective on. I look forward to the next one. #goodseeker

  2. Just listened to the podcast. It was a really helpful overview of the key themes challenging the HR Function right now. A great Investment of my time – thanks! I love this format – please continue! #alwayslearning #becomingmorehuman #podcastsrule

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