Do You Reward Without Rating?






Early data from our upcoming High-Impact Rewards study shows that 8% of organizations surveyed currently do not assign formal performance ratings, and another 4% assign ratings but do not communicate them to employees (aka “shadow ratings”).

Are you an HR or rewards professional interested in “Ratingless Rewards”? If so, let’s talk!

In conjunction with the development of our new Total Rewards research practice, we have been taking a close look at points of connectivity between rewards and other HR topic areas that we research here at Bersin. One of the most obvious of these connection points is the relationship between performance management and rewards.

Historically, many organizations sought to bring a pay-for-performance rewards philosophy to life in large part by associating rewards levels with annual performance ratings. But more recently some of these organizations are finding their old ways challenged by new approaches to performance management. This is especially true for organizations that have moved away from summary annual performance ratings altogether.

If your organization has a story about how you’ve evolved rewards practices to keep pace with a new approach to performance management – especially ratingless rewards – that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear it! Please reach out to Pete DeBellis at pdebellis “at” to get the conversation started.



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