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2009 saw another shift in training delivery methods, as L&D organizations continued to search for ways to save money. Our research shows that use of online delivery – including self-study e-learning and virtual classroom training – reached an all-time high, with 33% of training hours delivered by these methods. (For more information, see The Corporate Learning Factbook 2010 report.)

The increase came primarily at the expense of instructor-led classroom training (ILT). Although ILT remained the dominant delivery method (accounting for 60% of training hours delivered), its use has declined. Some ILT hours have been replaced with virtual classroom training (VILT), which uses a live, remote instructor broadcast online or over video. Virtual classrooms maintain the benefit of live instruction, while avoiding the costs associated with travel and facilities. Use of VILT increased to 13% of training hours delivered in 2009.

In addition, some companies reduced their in-person classroom time by offering online pre-work and post-work in a blended learning format. Use of online self-study courses increased to 20% of training hours delivered in 2009. Consider that in 2005, this percentage was just 7%.

Fortunately, e-learning courses are evolving beyond the hours-long "page-turners" from yester-year. E-learning content is increasingly moving toward short segments that can be delivered multiple device types – computer, cell phone, or PDA. With the ease of creating rich media, the content may incorporate audio, video, or a 3-D simulation. These factors are changing the face of e-learning.

Madhura Chakrabarti

Madhura Chakrabarti leads the People Analytics and Employee Engagement research practices at Bersin by Deloitte. Previous to joining Bersin by Deloitte, Madhura worked for Dell Inc. in Austin, Texas. At Dell, Madhura led the annual global engagement survey for 110,000 employees; culture assessments for mergers and acquisitions; and several people analytics studies. Subsequently, she also served as the Organizational Development (OD) Strategist for Global Operations and Client Solutions, the largest business unit where she led and supported multiple talent management initiatives for the business. Prior to Dell, Madhura worked for Ford Motor Company and Aon Hewitt where her work focused on design and statistical validation of pre-employment assessments used for hiring. Madhura regularly presents at international conferences like SIOP. Her work has been published in Journal of Business and Psychology, and Handbook of Positive Psychology and Work. Madhura has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from University of Delhi, India and an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Wayne State University, Michigan.

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