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Do consumer social networking sites like Facebook have a place inside corporations?

The answer to this question is the subject of much discussion across the corporate world.

On one hand, an outplacement consulting firm, Challenger, Gray, & Christmas, recently surveyed 200 human resource professionals.  They found that 23% businesses block access to Facebook.  One third view Facebook as a major source of lost productivity.  Many others view Facebook as a security risk.

On the other hand, Andrew McAfee of Harvard Business School writes about one company, Serena Software, that has chosen to make Facebook its company intranet site.  Facebook provides community building support for their highly distributed workforce, and it allows for business content to be easily shared with both employee and customer audiences.

Finally, another intriguing case, especially to the Learning & Development industry, is Udutu.

Originally a custom e-learning content developer, Udutu has recently launched LMS functionality as a series of Facebook applications.  Udutu leverages the Facebook platform to give users a LMS without the need to make a capital investment.  With the Udutu/Facebook LMS, anyone in the organization can create a course and offer it to anyone in their 'network.'  The “LMS” can be setup almost instantly, although it does require all users to have a Facebook account.

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Dani Johnson

Dani Johnson, Vice President, Learning & Development Research, writes about the evolving L&D function. Specifically, she focuses on the necessary changes in how L&D approaches its responsibilities and allocates its resources (people, time, and money) to have a lasting effect on both organizations and individuals.

One thought on “Enterprise Facebook

  1. David,

    I know this is an older post…but just wanted you to know you are read AND re-read. Thanks for the perspective.

    The nature of some organizations will be to block sites like Facebook for as long as is tolerable. And that is their prerogative.

    From my perspective I think what Udutu is doing is valid. I think Learning Vendors need to serve learners wherever, whenever and however they desire to learn.

    Facebook is a very compelling point of access for Learning to some organizations (i.e. folks like Serena) but for others Outlook, or iPad, or Cell Phone, or Sharepoint, or Portal will be the interface of choice.

    To me you are looking at exactly the right things. Social Learning has changed the game and learners and organizations are already seeing the impact in terms of accelerating onboarding, providing timely and trusted information, de-siloing knowhow and so forth…

    Thanks again for the great work. Let me know if I can ever help in any way.

    David Koehn
    Director of Product Strategy
    Saba People Learning
    t: @davidkoehn
    in: linkedin.com/in/davidkoehn
    yt: youtube.com/sabasociallearning

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