The End of Paper Based Resumes?






Over the past year, we have been covering innovation in the talent acquisition market. As organizations look to become more efficient in the way they identify and attract talent, solution providers are responding in a big way. We are seeing more in terms of employer branding capabilities, sourcing analytics, and social networking integration.  In fact, over 70% of organizations use social networking in their recruitment efforts. Video interviewing, online reference calls and search engine optimization have also made a big splash this year by helping to redefine how organizations source and engage top talent. Recruitment is no longer what it used to be.

Given this rapid evolution of talent acquisition technology, where is the market heading? What type of innovation can we expect in the future? At a time when solution providers seem to have thought of everything…what’s left? What is the next wave of innovation?

Well, imagine a world where recruiters would use their iPhones to take a picture of a resume, parse the resume and send it off to their talent acquisition system.  Sounds pretty unbelievable but Veechi’s SocializedHR product does just that and more.  It offers one of the most innovative solutions to hit the talent acquisition market this year, targeting those organizations looking to move away from paper based resumes and improve productivity.  SocializedHR is taking the concept of “going mobile” in talent acquisition to a whole new level.

What does SocializedHR do?

• ResuReader– This solution eliminates all paper based resumes by allowing recruiters to take a picture of a resume in real-time. The resume is then scanned and parsed (using top of the line parsing technology) and sent off to a talent acquisition system. Recruiters also have the option to take notes on the candidate.

• Talent Acquisition System– SocializedHR includes a basic talent acquisition system for those ResuReader customers that do not currently have a TAS in place. They offer most of the back-end functionality to support the tracking of an applicant and workflow automation.

• Social Identify Reports– This solution provides a social identify report for recruiters to view the LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter activity of each candidate. Each profile is archived with a time and date stamp for easy reference.

As organizations look to revamp their current talent acquisition strategies and technology options, SocializedHR offers a viable solution to help organizations manage resume overload by replacing the paper based resume.  Organizations can expect to see more rating capabilities, discrepancy reports with information on LinkedIn, and partnerships from Veechi in the next year. We will be providing more in-depth information in a research bulletin later this month.

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