The Power of Referrals: Next Generation Recruitment






Social networking has exploded in the world of recruiting…in a big way. We can’t seem to hear enough about this topic. As companies look to make smarter decision regarding tools and technology, where does social networking fit into our current recruitment strategy? At the forefront of this debate is the ever popular…”Can my ATS do that?” While companies are seeking new ways to source and recruit, integrating social networking with an ATS is becoming a key differentiator for traditional solution providers. Sounds simple enough but while the majority of these providers have been grappling with social networking for the past few years, some companies seem to think Jobvite has taken eRecruiting to the next level.


What’s the buzz?
Jobvite is an emerging player in the talent acquisition space, using a Web 2.0 platform that fully integrates with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. I sat in on a demo with Jobvite and was impressed with the ease of use and job matching capabilities. Its integration with Outlook makes it easily accessible to anyone in the organization. Is Jobvite the latest and greatest in talent acquisition? It is too early to tell but it clearly joins the ranks of companies such as Jobfox and MyPerfectGig by bringing innovation to an industry that has been static for several years.

Jobvite is different from traditional tools because it goes beyond posting jobs and focuses on building a talent network. It does this through a social recruitment engine that involves every employee in the recruitment process. It sends “jobvites”, invitations, to contacts either through email or sharing options (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) to everyone in their network. 

With many eRecruiting solutions available, why would a company consider Jobvite?

• Employee Referrals. In today’s economy, more and more companies are relying on the power of employee referrals. Long viewed as the most effective way to attract quality hires, referrals enable companies to decrease turnover, reduce costs, and improve productivity. Companies such as SupportSoft, Mattson Technology and are using Jobvite’s matching technology to recommend jobs to the appropriate people in their employees LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter networks.

• Recruiting Generation Y. Social networking is critical component of any recruitment strategy targeting a younger generation. Generation Y is looking for interactivity and a level of input- two characteristics of social media. nGenera, a Jobvite customer, was able to attract 70% of its new hires last year using social networking sites.

• SMB market. Smaller companies struggle with finding the right tools to identify quality talent. Jobvite optimizes social networking sites and email contacts in an affordable and easy to implement solution.

• Employer Branding. Tivo, the home entertainment company places a heavy focus on both social media and employer branding in its recruitment efforts. Jobvite offers an innovative solution that extends their social reach and maintains Tivo’s company brand on their career site and all communication via jobvites.

Despite today’s economy, Jobvite was able to grow its customer base in the last 9 months by 85%. If this isn’t a clear indicator of the power of social networking, I’m not sure what is. Social networking is here to stay. It allows recruiters to take a proactive approach to attracting and identifying top talent and helps them build an extended talent pipeline. Will Jobvite thrive in today’s competitive recruiting landscape? Only time will tell but they are certainly worth checking out…

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