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Let's face it, HR technology has been changing faster this year than ever before. Cloud computing, social networking, mobile and tablets, and BigData have totally transformed the way we use technology in business. And when things change this fast, one of the best ways to keep up is to come to the world's biggest technology conference and learn, learn learn.

Well this year the HR Technology Conference, hosted by Bill Kutik (one of my favorite people in this industry), is a "must attend" event. As an analyst, I rarely "pitch" other people's products, but in this case I can't really hold back: in this one event you can meet almost everyone in the market, get a chance to see all the new products, and really envision the future of technology in your organization.

Some of the Big Technology Themes

Let me highlight some of the big themes in the market you can explore at the conference.

1.  Should you replace your core HR system with Workday or ADP, upgrade to Fusion, or wait for SAP's new cloud-based HRMS?

With all the focus on integrated talent management and shift toward the cloud, companies are really struggling to decide. And from my perspective as an analyst, I have never seen so much strategic investment by these ERP vendors.  Fusion is now available. SAP has assigned more than 200 engineers to work on EmployeeCentral. ADP has put a major focus on integrated HCM. And watch how the noise level gets louder when Workday goes public.

Over the next few years, many companies are going to replace their core HR systems of record.

Well there are at least three good case studies on this topic:  Four Seasons is going to talk about their implementation of Workday, PWC is talking about their experiences with Oracle Fusion, NASDAQ and McAfee are going to talk about their implementation of SAP.

Plus Naomi Bloom will be hosting a panel of senior HR software vendor executives and grilling them on their strategies to build the world's best cloud-based HR system of record:

Steve Miranda runs all application software at Oracle. Sanjay Poonen is one of the top executives at SAP. Stan Swete is the CTO at Workday and was the head of products and technology at PeopleSoft. Mike Capone is the CIO for ADP and is responsible for all of ADP's cloud-based services. John Wookey runs the HR software strategy for Salesforce.com. And Adam Rogers runs the product development team at Ultimate.

I"m looking forward to that session myself…

2. What should you do about workforce planning, analytics, and BigData?

Well first, of course, we hope you join our membership program and read all our research on BigData in HR.  But in the meantime, Jac Fitz-Enz, one of the pioneers in this industry, is hosting a panel of vendors and practitioners to talk about predictive analytics. And Brian Kelly, one of the pioneering technologists in this market, will be presenting a best-practices presentation based on his exciting new work at Mercer.

If you don't "get" workforce planning and analytics yet, you need to learn more.

3. What are you going to do about your learning systems, technology, and tools?

The learning technology market has gotten more messy and confusing than ever. In the last 12 months four different LMS vendors were acquired and most of the companies who acquired them also acquired social tools, mobile tools, and other talent companies. Where has it all gone?

I'm going to be personally presenting a session on "Learning Systems, Where are we Now" – and frankly I"ve been working on this presentation all summer because there is so much to say. If you want to get the latest update on integrated learning technology, informal learning, and mobile learning – come join me there. I promise you'll learn a lot.

4. What should you do about social recruiting and modern recruiting and recognition systems?

The SVP of Talent Acquisition for Salesforce.com (one of the fastest growing companies in the SF Bay Area) will be presenting with Rick Martini, one of the founders of BranchOut (an amazing company, the largest professional network in Facebook).  Salesforce.com successfully competes for top talent against Google, Twitter, Oracle, and Facebook itself.  (Brad, by the way, was the head of engagement and recruiting for Harrah's, and has an amazing story about how he helped that company transform its workforce.)

Brad Cook, the SVP of Talent Acquisition at Informatica will be presenting with Robert Hohman, the CEO of Glassdoor (another amazing company: the fast-growing "Yelp" for employees). Informatica is another amazing success story in the BigData and analytics market, and they have totally revamped their social recruiting with help from Glassdoor.

One of the only vendors presenting, Doug Berg, the technology founder of Jobs2Web (now owned by SAP, and definitely one of the hottest technologies in social candidate management) will be presenting his personal experiences working with clients to help understand which social network, job boards, and sources provide the best candidates for different positions.  "Avoiding Shipwrecks in Social Recruiting" – sounds like a winner to me.

And the issue of "what to outsource" in recruiting continues to be critically important. Lynanne Kunkel, the VP of HR for Whirlpool will be presenting with Rudy Karsan, the CEO of Kenexa. Strategic outsourcing is a critical element in any major organization's recruiting strategy, and our new TalentTrends research points out that strategic talent acquisition is now one of the most challenging areas of HR..

For me social tools are the most transformational part of HR technology today, and the explosion of social recruiting, social recognition, social learning, and social engagement tools is something you also must understand.

Come Join Us and Take Advantage of the Bersin Discount

We will be there to meet with you, and I am also hosting an expert panel on the use of mobile technologies in HR.  (In fact I promise to bring some demos of exciting things to show you.)

Just use the Promotion Code BERSIN12 (all caps) when you register online www.HRTechConference.com to get $500 off the rack rate of $1,795. The discount does not expire until the conference ends on Oct. 10.

Not only is this the world's best conference in HR technology, it is also the best place to meet people. Come join us at the conference – I look forward to meeting you there.

Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin writes on the ever-changing landscape of business-driven learning, HR and talent management. His favorite topics include strategic talent management, creating high-impact learning organizations, and how organizations drive business change and competitive advantage through talent strategy and technology.

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