Getting to the Better Mousetrap in Employee Hiring






When was the last time you looked carefully at your hiring management processes? Have they changed to accommodate the highly social, electronic world your candidates live in today?  Many companies we talk to basically follow the same procedures since – well, perhaps since the industrial revolution – and often fail to recognize where processes can be streamlined, candidate screening expedited, and costs lessened.

Here are some area to investigate:
•Are you engaged in “post and pray?”  Do you post positions to job boards and just pray someone responds who might be qualified?
•Or the reverse – you post, and get hundreds of resumes, many of which have no bearing to the qualifications you seek?
•If the potential applicant goes from the job post to your career page, does he or she actually complete the application? ( Are you collecting data on the number who walk away from your application and never finish it? You should be!) The cumbersome nature of many on-line application forms often turn off the very candidates you most want to attrack.
•How long does it take recruiters to narrow applicants to the top candidates for the position – those with the skills to perform well in your organization?
•And if you are a small business, perhaps without an expensive ATS system – how can you expedite your screening and keep recruiting costs down?

Here is a conversation I had this week with the CEO of a young Bay Area company that has integrated video interviewing and audio recording to an applicant tracking system: An employer was seeking professionals with solid knowledge of  heart disease and diabetes. In addition to posting the job, the employer requested that applicants leave an audio recording discussing their qualifications.  The post brought 500 resumes ( the recruiter’s nightmare); only 30 people left a recording ( 470 self-selecting out even though they submitted resumes). Listening to the recordings led to the top two candidates hired in one day – shrinking a likely four weeks of sorting, scheduling and screening into 30 minutes.

Video interviewing is not new: HireVue, Async Interviews and GetHired, among many, all provide video via computer, iPAD or Smart Phone.  GetHired also adds audio recordings (think about positions in telemarketing or call centers where voice quality and articulation  are important.) 
What potential users need to consider, however, is the integration of these technologies into the entire process. To bolt on video or audio to many of the traditional ATS systems may require Martha Stewart and her glue gun.

Getting to the Better Mousetrap

Let’s walk through a candidate search process (I will use GetHired as an example) with an eye to our criteria of streamlining, improved screening, and cost efficiency.

1.Posting:  you want to post a job. Your ATS likely an distribute it out to the jobs boards you want to post to. You pay each board for the posting (an expensive proposition).  Now consider: for $25 per job req ( which you can create in GetHired’s ATS stystem), you can post to GetHired and the company will syndicate it to the job boards reasonable for that position (Note—some job boards, such as Monster or CareerBuilder, do not accept syndicated posts). For hiring managers or recruiters posting more jobs, there isa $199 monthly subscription for unlimited job posts.

2.Applying: A candidate may move from the posting to the career center application, fill out the application, and attach a resume. In the GetHired example, the post links to the GetHired ATS, a resume is parsed into categories, the candidate can be presented with pre-screening questions and provide a video or audio response.

3.Follow-up:  Generally a recruiter reviews the applications, once they are complete,sorts and ranks, and begins scheduling the series of calls for further screening interviews. The recruiter looking at the GetHired video interview or listening to the audio and seeking follow-up, can schedule phone, video or in person via one screen.

The Facebook Look

A “social” face to the user is one of the nicer recent additions to the ATS world. Not only the integration to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for posting and referrals, which most solutions accommodate, but the look and feel  of Facebook with a little YouTube  ( the video portion) added makes candidate searching and screening capabilities easy to use. And analytics are required.  “At a glance” visual displays have replaced word charts in presenting recruiting stats automatically.

Christa Degnan Manning

Vice President, Solution Provider Research Leader / Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Christa leads technology and service provider research for Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP. In this role, she helps businesses align their workforce support strategies with appropriate third-party software developers, service partners, and governance models. A 25-year technology industry veteran, Christa’s expertise assists organizations in creating functional capabilities and employee experiences that increase productivity, engagement, and workforce efficiency. Frequently cited by business and trade media, she has presented market research on business to business trends, leading practices, and expected challenges and benefits at industry and user conferences globally throughout her career. Christa has a bachelor of arts in English from Barnard College, Columbia University, incorporating studies at University College, University of London. She also holds a master of arts degree in English from the University of Massachusetts and has completed executive coursework on business metrics at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

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