Introducing BersinWorks™: HR Research & Tools Designed Specifically for Midsize Companies






For the last 15 years we have been providing insightful research and practical tools in nearly every area of HR. As most of you know, we started in the L&D market and have since expanded into six practices and more than 45 different subject areas. In each area, we work hard to provide groundbreaking and practical research, tools, benchmarks, and case studies filled with details how leading organizations solve problems.

From the beginning, we focused on the needs of larger companies. Our maturity models, benchmarks, and case studies typically show a global HR leader ways to solve a complex, vexing problem with scale. When we introduced BersinOne last year, we repackaged all of our content and services into a new offering, designed for a wide range of needs of HR professionals in large companies (including all the features above, plus a social network to answer your questions, meet other professionals, and share what you’ve learned).

We understand, however, that while there are around 1,000 large global corporations in the world, there are more than a million small and midsize companies, many of which represent the most dynamic parts of our economy. These smaller companies have the very same talent challenges as the FORTUNE 1000:  they need to source, select, hire, train, manage, and lead people. And in many ways, they face even greater challenges: their HR teams are often small (sometimes only a single person), they have limited resources, and the impact of an error can be high.

Today I am excited to announce the introduction of a brand new offering to meet the needs of these midsize companies: BersinWorks™. BersinWorks is a new information platform that is not only easy to use and full of practical tools and case study examples, it also includes access to all the world-class research we offer our large corporate clients.

Some of the key features of BersinWorks include:

  • Easy-to-use, self-service tools to help you diagnose your current HR programs and benchmark against others (“rapid assessments”)
  • New research specially designed for midsize companies, filled with case study examples you can use and maturity models and benchmarks
  • The new “Employee Experience Dashboard” to help you assess your employees new hire, engagement, and exit experiences based on the Simply Irresistible™ engagement model
  • A set of HR Math™ Calculators that show you precisely how to compute and measure key performance metrics and train your team how to calculate most of the HR measures you need
  • A new “Interactive Factbook™” feature that brings our popular Factbooks to life, enabling you to input your own metrics and compare them against companies of your size by level of maturity
  • Access to all the enterprise-class research we provide to large companies, so you can explore leading practices, trends, and vendors throughout the HR world

BersinWorks is affordably priced for smaller companies (likely less than the cost of sending your team to a single trade show), and it also includes online support and access to the Bersin professional network and social platform.

Let me also mention our “white glove” service. Our goal is not to “publish research” but rather to help companies of all sizes dramatically improve their people practices and business results. We strive to deliver what we call “the Bersin Experience” to all our members—and this goes for mid-market companies, too. So now, you will have access to both the research and tools our large global companies use and our support.

In closing, as we complete our 15th year, let me say one more thing: Thank you! We could not do our job without the time you invest answering surveys, talking with us on the phone, and joining us at our annual IMPACT conference. I am personally thrilled about the new BersinWorks™ program and look forward to helping you make sense of the ever-changing world of HR, management, and HR technology as you serve as the trusted advisor your organization’s needs.


Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin


Josh founded Bersin & Associates in 2001 to provide research and advisory services focused on corporate learning. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and a popular blogger. Prior to founding Bersin & Associates, Josh spent 25 years in product development, product management, marketing, and sales of e-learning and other enterprise technologies. Josh’s education includes a bachelor of science degree in engineering from Cornell, a master’s of science degree in engineering from Stanford, and an MBA from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

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  1. Thrilled to have this come to life, Josh. Bout time that someone of your calibre brought together a universe of thought leadership, knowledge and curated methodology under one banner. It’s been needed for years now – and I’m very happy to be a part of this community. Look forward to contributing to it as well, if you’re in need of content. All the best and keep the good stuff coming!

    Jeff Wellstead

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