Previsor Introduces Assessment at Home






With a weak economy and the emergence of Generation Y, “working from home” is no longer a new phenomenon. Best practice organizations are looking to both cut costs and provide flexibility to younger generations. Virtual work environments are one option to help organizations achieve these goals. Yet, how can organizations identify quality talent with both the necessary skills and behaviors to handle a very different type of work culture?

Previsor, a leading assessment provider, just launched the At Home Agent Solution to help organizations address this challenge. This solution includes an online assessment to job applicants and a comprehensive score report automatically provided to hiring managers. The assessment combines a variety of different tools to help predict the future performance of these individuals including situational judgment and biodata information to measure experiences.

What are the Benefits to Organizations?

  • Standardization of the selection process
  • Ability to predict performance
  • Objective overview of candidate
  • Reduction in time-to-fill
  • Improved retention rates
  • Accuracy and quality of hire

Assessments tools are no longer limited to evaluating senior level positions are large corporations. Today’s best practice organizations of all sizes recognize the value in evaluating job candidates at every level in the organization. Previsor’s At Home Agent enables organizations to find the accuracy of hire when managing a virtual work environment.

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